Free Community Classes

The Free Community Capoeira Program started in 2009 in an area of Northeast Los Angeles traditionally plagued by gang violence.  Classes began as a part of the City of Los Angeles’ gang reduction and youth development program called Summer Night Lights.  Once the summer violence reduction initiative came to an end, community members asked that the popular free Capoeira classes continue.  Despite having no funding, CBLA teachers Pavão and Chegado kept the classes running.  In the years since the classes have multiplied in size and popularity.

The program offers free weekly classes for youth and families year-round, over 100 hundred families are served. The Free Community Capoeira program has been heralded by juvenile justice advocates and community leaders as an excellent alternative to gang activity and deterrent to youth violence.  The class brings families and youth together in one safe and fun space.

Today, the Free Community Capoeira program has expanded to the CBLA headquarters in Mid-City and continues to grow, sharing the energy, strength, discipline, and diversity of Capoeira with families and youth across Los Angeles.

Highland Park Community Classes

Wednesday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Highland Park Recreation Center

6150 Piedmont Ave., LA 90042